Nuggets of Public Finance

The Government Budget is a complex document that represents in a detailed way the financial and economic condition of a country. In addition, through an accurate analysis of the public expenses, it is possible to find out important information about the culture and the social structure of the State.


<<The Government Budget is the mirror of all the political and social problems of a country>>.  

                                                    Joseph Schumpeter


Depending on the information searched and the goals pursued, we can distinguish several types of budget statements.

In this article, I will briefly refer to the final budget and the provisional budget to give an idea about the essential content of a public budget statement and about the role of Gross Domestic Production (GDP) in the evaluation of the total wealth produced, of the national income and of the welfare level inside a society. Continue reading “Nuggets of Public Finance”

Pillole di Finanza Pubblica

Il bilancio dello Stato è un documento complesso, in grado di rappresentare in maniera molto dettagliata la situazione economico-finanziaria di un Paese.
Inoltre, attraverso un’accurata analisi delle varie poste di spesa pubblica, è possibile ricavare anche informazioni culturali e sociali su di esso.

<<Il bilancio dello Stato è lo specchio di tutti i problemi politici e sociali di uno Stato>>.
                                                                                    Joseph Schumpeter


In base alle informazioni ricercate e agli obiettivi che si perseguono si possono distinguere diverse tipologie di bilancio.

In questo articolo farò riferimento, in breve, al bilancio consuntivo e al bilancio previsionale per dare, senza eccessivi tecnicismi, l’idea del contenuto essenziale di un bilancio pubblico e del ruolo del Prodotto Interno Lordo nella valutazione della ricchezza prodotta complessivamente, del reddito e del benessere di una società.
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A dead-end road for Catalonia

Since 2012 every 11th September mass protests in favour of the independence take place in Barcelona coinciding with the celebration of the national day of Catalonia, in which the defeat of Barcelona by the Bourbon troops during the Succession war that signified the elimination of the autonomy of Catalonia is commemorated.

That day, the 11th September 2012, became an inflection point for the sovereignty movement in Catalonia. After that moment the current Catalan government understood that a great part of its electorate was supporting the independence, so the main catalanist political parties (the ones that are focused on the regional and local politics and do not run for national elections) began to opt fort the objective of turning Catalonia into the next European nation. The obtaining of an absolute majority in the autonomic elections in October of 2015 became the starting point of what is called as the sovereignty process, which will end the next 1st October with the celebration of an independence referendum.

Picture 1: The last 11th September around a million of pro-independence protesters crowded the streets of Barcelona.

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