The stress of our generation

“When I was in grammar school, I still had G8.”, I said. “Woah, I guess that has been quite stressful. Luckily, I still had G9.”, is what I heard from many pupils from other schools. [1] Learning the same subject matter of your whole career in grammar school in eight years instead of nine, that works? Yes, it worked. We had three times a week school until the late afternoon for several years, the topics often were touched on superficially, the student’s receptiveness decreased, especially during summertime in that blazing heat, but yes, it worked. At the beginning, I thought: “Great, so I will be done with school one year earlier and therefore I can start immediately with my studies.” The Swabian [2] tries to economize on everything, even on school years, but it doesn’t work out. Continue reading “The stress of our generation”

Giro d’Italia, one hundred years of an eternal youth

The historical Giro d’Italia road of Stelvio pass

Sweet hills, impervious mountains, amazing landscapes, we observe, sliding from the seaside to the highest peaks. We watch thousand of kilometres, crossed by a trail of colored jerseys, which run through Italian peninsula for many hours a day.
Three weeks on the road providing strong emotions and spectacle.
Despite this, cycling is not the most suitable sport for the post-modern society, where immediacy rules.
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Giro d’Italia, cent’anni e non sentirli


Passo dello Stelvio, salita storica del giro, affrontato anche nel 2017 fonte

Colline, viste sul mare e montagne, paesaggi straordinari, migliaia di chilometri di strada percorsi da una scia infinita di maglie colorate, di atleti che corrono lungo lo stivale per ore e ore.
Tre settimane in strada a regalare emozioni intense e spettacolo. Il ciclismo non è lo sport più adatto alla società post-moderna, nella quale domina l’immediatezza.
Assistere a gare da 5 ore al giorno è un privilegio non sempre concesso e apprezzato. Ogni giornata in bici è ricca di complessità tecnica, strategica, determinata dal ruolo chiave del gioco di squadra, dal funzionamento di numerose e varie componenti meccaniche, dal ruolo essenziale dell’alimentazione, dallo stress, dalla fortuna, ma soprattutto da fatica. Continue reading “Giro d’Italia, cent’anni e non sentirli”

Eibar, an alternative to modern football

Nowadays we are more and more used to a football dominated by magnates, sheiks and big enterprises who take control of clubs, historic and modest ones as well, wasting millions to sign big stars by astronomical numbers or creating overambitious infrastructures in order to develop the club. Continue reading “Eibar, an alternative to modern football”

Eibar, una alternativa al fútbol moderno

Cada vez estamos más acostumbrados a un fútbol dominado por magnates, jeques y grandes empresas que se apoderan de clubs, tanto históricos como humildes, derrochando millones para fichar grandes estrellas por cifras astronómicas o creando infraestructuras faraónicas para el desarrollo de este deporte. Continue reading “Eibar, una alternativa al fútbol moderno”