All roads lead to Rome

A travel to Europe from 1957 to 2017: 60th anniversary bring back us to Rome again…

“All roads lead to Rome”

Since the monarchic period until the Imperial age, the Roman Forum has been the hearth of the city. The whole Europe looked at it as a reference point.

Magnificent temples, basilicas, Roman Senate, Emperors’ palaces were gathered in few meters.

A lot people used to come to Rome, many roads were spreading to all quarters, they arrived from the green lands of Sannio to Constantine’s Arch, from Spain to Jupiter’s temple, from Palestine to Massenzio’s basilica.

The sun rose behind the hills of Palatino lighting up the “Urbe”, in the landscape the Coliseum appeared. Continue reading “All roads lead to Rome”


The decline of clear thinking present in politics today is manifested microcosmically in this post-Brexit article: “Despite voting overwhelmingly to quit the EU, Cornwall – a significant beneficiary of European Union funds over the past couple of decades – immediately demanded a Westminster guarantee of their European money… Surprisingly, no such confirmation has yet been issued by Theresa May”1. This came after 5 out of 6 Cornish MPs advocated a Leave vote. Continue reading “IDENTITY POLITICS AS THE DEATH OF CLEAR THINKING”