The least known advantages of being in the EU

It is really difficult to explain the advantages of being within the European Union (EU) and the monetary union to those who have seen their wages remain the same in the last twenty years, when services and the cost of living have generally increased. Nevertheless, I believe it is important to try to do it because the European Union is our only hope, and we should keep this in mind. Below you will find a list, inevitably incomplete, of the advantages that Italy gets from being in Europe. Some of the benefits of being inside the European Union (like the 70 years of peace, or Erasmus) are very well known, so this article tries to focus only on those known the least.

The EU in fact, does not mean just Euro, banks and external borders to manage, but it is an institution that enables its member states to cooperate and coordinate efforts to improve European citizens’ life and compete with other global powers such as USA and China.

Here below. we will talk more deeply about some examples of how the EU is deploying efforts providing tools that have an impact in our daily life (and often we do not know).

  1. The European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  2. The European Space Agency (ESA)
  3. The investment plan for Europe
  4. The general data protection regulation (GDPR)
  5. The programs for environmental protection
  6. The European food safety agency (EFSA)

Let’s try and explain what are they about:

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Un nouveau ’68 : la France pendant grèves et blocages

Cinquante ans après mai ’68 la France revit une grande mobilisation universitaire. Le 15 février 2018 la loi Vidal (ou loi ORE) a été votée.Il s’agit d’une loi qui se pose principalement l’objectif de modifier les modalités pour intégrer un cursus universitaire.

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A new ’68: France between strikes and occupations

“On May 1968 they feared, on May 2018 we’ll make it worse.”

50 years have passed since the May of ’68 but today France is living a student mobilization again. On 15 February, the Vidal law (or so-called ORE law), a law that is aimed to edit the current regulation in matter of right to access to university, has been voted.  Continue reading “A new ’68: France between strikes and occupations”

Un nuovo Sessantotto: la Francia tra scioperi e occupazioni

Nel maggio 1968: Hanno avuto paura? Nel maggio 2018: Faremo di peggio!

A cinquant’anni dagli eventi di maggio 1968 la Francia rivive una grande mobilitazione universitaria. Il 15 febbraio 2018 è stata votata la legge Vidal (o legge ORE), una legge che si prefigge principalmente l’obiettivo di modificare le modalità di entrata in facoltà, necessità dovuta al fatto che circa uno studente su due rinuncia al corso frequentato anche prima di aver finito il primo anno. Continue reading “Un nuovo Sessantotto: la Francia tra scioperi e occupazioni”

Tensions et extrémisme, l’Italie blessée après Macerata

Le titre mentionne la mauvaise nouvelle du cruel assassinat de Pamela. Les dynamiques ne sont pas très claires, mais paraît-il que le vendeur de drogue nigérien Innocent Oseghale, le même qui lui a fourni l’héroïne, l’ait tuée et découpée avant d’essayer de cacher le cadavre, aidés par des complices. Luca a le journal dans les mains, il pose son demi verre de bière et se tourne vers Matteo, assis à la table du café avec salle slot-machines où l’on se retrouve chaque soir après le travail – pour ceux qui en ont un – ou à 18h30 – pour ceux qui n’en ont pas.

« Putain ! T’as vu qu’est-ce qu’ils lui ont fait, ces genre d’animaux ?! »

Manifestations des partis néofascistes

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