CAMBODIA: history of a non-place as long as you don’t get there

The streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, make visible that Cambodia is in the middle of Thailand and Vietnam: its traffic jams are dense, and people drive on the right side, but it is nothing compared to Vietnamese streets with their continuous flow of motorbikes running and parked everywhere. Being a point in the middle, however, does not make Cambodia a meeting point. This place has its own identity, or, to put it better, it is imprisoned in its own identity. The streets are clean and here and there are trees and lawns. No, it is not Switzerland, or maybe yes it is, but only if compared to Asian standards… This also makes Cambodia a very particular place out of time, if it is also compared to the south-east Asian region. Cambodia, stopped belonging to the world as we know it during the 70s and now it is coming back to the world due to the indirect effects of globalization. Only lately, Japanese and Russians are starting to invest in the country that is long-affected by a deficit of infrastructure, such as the lack of roads that link the nation: the only pro actually is the very low cost of labor (the average wage is around 100$).  Continue reading “CAMBODIA: history of a non-place as long as you don’t get there”

Vietnam Today – Communiste …moi non plus

What will be published here will be not a report, not a diary, not a set of documents.

Instead, it will be a set of experiences, sensations, impressions that I developed through what I saw and the people I met in this beautiful country of South-East Asia. A country that is stuck in between a past that reveals itself in the omnipresence of the sickle-and-hammer flags and Ho Chi Minh’s images, and a future made of Burger Kings, Nike shoes, skyscrapers and motorcycles produced by multinational companies that now have their production plants in Vietnam.

Yes, it is closer to a travel journal, and as travel journal it will be published here:

one day of the trip per time, on Thursdays.



1 – Hanoi, the capital city

2 – Halong Bay: rice & souvenirs

3 – Ho Lua & Tam Coc – the deep Vietnam

4 – Hoi An: American Nightmare & American Dream

5 – My Son & Da Nang: the old & the new

6 – Saigon & Mekong: money doesn’t stink… fish does
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The Llanito concern

Throughout history there have not been many small territories so outstanding.

A small peninsula with less than 7km² dominated by a 426 meters high rock. A calcareous massif formed around 200 million years ago at the door of the Mediterranean see. An extremely important strategical and military settlement where the British people dug a tunnel network to defend a hypothetical axis powers’ attack. Continue reading “The Llanito concern”

Sunrise shakes

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Sunrise shakes

These few lines are the beginning of a new experience, born to share ideas, sensations, feelings and knowledge, with the eyes focused on the whole world.

<< Everything has already begun before, the first line of the first page of every tale refers to something already happened out of the book >>.
Italo Calvino

Sunrise leads to a new world or another perspective, everything beginning from myself. Continue reading “Sunrise shakes”

1 – Hanoi, the capital city

The plane flies towards Hanoi, once it was the capital city of North Vietnam now it is the capital of the whole Vietnam.

The vegetation and morphology of this place is visible from the windows of our airplane already and it gives us a prime of the nature of the country we are bound to: a young, green, thick country that is all to be discovered. Continue reading “1 – Hanoi, the capital city”