Welcome to a common space where sharing ideas, info, knowledge, feelings, thoughts.

Jeune Europe is not just a name. It is a faint light, a track we follow from the European past, the XIX century, full of changes and unrest. “La Jeune Europe” was a group of intellectuals from different European countries, built from Giuseppe Mazzini’s ideals with a deep purpose: “Together to make a Europe of people”.

The spirit of our project is the sharing between people coming from different countries and domains of study with the aim of a holistic progress through exchange. One hundred years since the First World War that has put young men of Europe one against others, thirty years from the birth of the Erasmus project that has created new links between European youths, today we have the chance to develop Europe through a complete integration so that to make out of it a lighthouse for the whole world.

Nowadays, the discussion about borders and cultural melting pot is present and necessary. We found a familiar European context with people from all over the world in a physical location, but technology permits us to go beyond by sharing knowledge, contributions and values to build a new, bigger and stronger Europe through individual and common progress. Therefore. each visitor has the chance of take and share his knowledge by contacting authors.  As the core characteristic of this blog is to have in quality contents about different areas of topics, articles will be considered by them before publication.

Since the aim of the blog is to make out the best from exchange, the content of the blog is about every kind of topic and every article is thought hopefully, as the starting point of a discussion, which can deepen and create new knowledge and points of view through dialogue. By the way there is a special regard for European issues. Therefore, contribution from extra-Europe countries is an important element for having a view of Europe from outside.

As new generation we will have to face challenges that the future impose us. Some paths, as building of peace in Europe, have already been started and we have to protect what has already been done; others, as climate change, wholly depend on us.

“Jeune Europe” is a way to know better each other as European, to grow together, to reduce the distances between us, to make the world know what we are and what we can do for the global future.

Our responsibility is to take the best from our past, make the best from the present, building a better future.

We, Europe, can do it.