About the love for sculptures

It was in Rome, I think, when I discovered my love for sculptures.

[3] The Rape of Proserpina, Bernini, marble, Rome
In Rome during a study trip in my school days.
Before that trip, I was opposed to three-dimensional art.
All my attempts to create a handsome sculpture during art lessons failed miserably and ended in bad-looking clay sausages.
I realized that I would not have become a sculptor.
But in return, it is beautiful to enjoy the work of the big artists.

I saw stunning sculptures in the Villa Borghese.
They are very detailed and sculptured with abandon. You could almost say they are alive. Bernini managed to create tension in his work.
The story plays in the spectator’s mind and comes together with the climax, which is represented by the statue. When you look at “The Rape of Proserpina” you can nearly hear Proserpina screaming.
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