Political spring in Poland

Protests in Poland, source www.bbc.co.uk

Half of July 2017. The ruling party in Poland, called the Law and Justice (PiS), despite the near end of the session and the start of summer break for the parliament, changes the plan of the session and pushes a controversial bill on the agenda. A bill to change the way of choosing the judges so that they are chosen by the party. What they do not expect though, is that this time the Youth will join the other age-groups in the anti-government protests. Continue reading “Political spring in Poland”

Recognition of marriage and the free movement of workers in the European Union


This article is to a great extent inspired by a recent guest lecture which was given by Dr Jens M. Scherpe[1] in my class on Comparative Law in the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven ) in Belgium where I am doing my Erasmus program. Normally, Family Law does not fall under my current specialization in the faculty of law, but the problematic discourse/the problem of the discourse we had in class seemed too important in the context of our European society just to lay aside. For this reason, I decided to do a summary and present one of the main problems in today’s European Family. Continue reading “Recognition of marriage and the free movement of workers in the European Union”

All roads lead to Rome

A travel to Europe from 1957 to 2017: 60th anniversary bring back us to Rome again…

“All roads lead to Rome”

Since the monarchic period until the Imperial age, the Roman Forum has been the hearth of the city. The whole Europe looked at it as a reference point.

Magnificent temples, basilicas, Roman Senate, Emperors’ palaces were gathered in few meters.

A lot people used to come to Rome, many roads were spreading to all quarters, they arrived from the green lands of Sannio to Constantine’s Arch, from Spain to Jupiter’s temple, from Palestine to Massenzio’s basilica.

The sun rose behind the hills of Palatino lighting up the “Urbe”, in the landscape the Coliseum appeared. Continue reading “All roads lead to Rome”

Erasmus: the birth of a dream

Thirty years after the birth, here is how everything began…


15th June 1987 is a normal day for most part of European people, actually it is an historical date in which a success story of sharing, cultural exchange and growth for European and international students has become reality. It is the anniversary of the ratification of the European Council of Ministers established the Erasmus programme (87/327 EEC). Continue reading “Erasmus: the birth of a dream”

Erasmus: la nascita di un sogno

Nel trentesimo anniversario, la storia di come tutto ebbe inizio…

Il 15 giugno 1987 è una data poco conosciuta dall’opinione pubblica europea, una giornata storica che ha segnato la nascita di un’iniziativa vincente di condivisione, scambio e crescita per gli studenti dell’Unione Europea e non solo: è la data di ratifica della decisione del Consiglio dei Ministri dell’Unione Europea che istituì il Programma Erasmus. Continue reading “Erasmus: la nascita di un sogno”