A dream of unity

The European Union is the largest peace project in history. As such it must be understood, defended, strengthened and undoubtedly improved. Talking to someone who has lived through the war is all it takes to understand that peace cannot be taken for granted, not even in the twenty-first century. History teaches us that we Europeans have been one of the most stubborn and abusive people on the face of the earth. Probably, considering a war in Europe today as unlikely to result almost ridiculous, is already the greatest victory of the European Union.

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The least known advantages of being in the EU

It is really difficult to explain the advantages of being within the European Union (EU) and the monetary union to those who have seen their wages remain the same in the last twenty years, when services and the cost of living have generally increased. Nevertheless, I believe it is important to try to do it because the European Union is our only hope, and we should keep this in mind. Below you will find a list, inevitably incomplete, of the advantages that Italy gets from being in Europe. Some of the benefits of being inside the European Union (like the 70 years of peace, or Erasmus) are very well known, so this article tries to focus only on those known the least.

The EU in fact, does not mean just Euro, banks and external borders to manage, but it is an institution that enables its member states to cooperate and coordinate efforts to improve European citizens’ life and compete with other global powers such as USA and China.

Here below. we will talk more deeply about some examples of how the EU is deploying efforts providing tools that have an impact in our daily life (and often we do not know).

  1. The European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  2. The European Space Agency (ESA)
  3. The investment plan for Europe
  4. The general data protection regulation (GDPR)
  5. The programs for environmental protection
  6. The European food safety agency (EFSA)

Let’s try and explain what are they about:

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