An interview with Herd♥Habibi

Their motto: “Friends are made at the cooker.”
Since my heart is easy to be won by new friends and good meals, I wanted to know more about the project. Anika told me in this little interview about who and what hides behind Herd♥Habibi [1].

„Well Anika, my first question: What is Herd♥Habibi?“
“We are a relatively new cooking-blog in German and Arabic. I work on it together with my friends Majd and Katja. Cooking has always been connecting us and we decided to share our recipes. You get to know each other quite easily in the kitchen. Herd Habibi is like a language bridge between Germans and Arabs. Both sides can read the recipes and cook the meals equally, without any translation app. Our recipes are uncomplicated and a cross-section of what Germans eat here and the ingredients aren’t that difficult to find.”

“Would you like to present me your team?”
“Katja is our expert concerning social media, she loves to buy new cookbooks and to try out new recipes. Majd is responsible for the Arabic translations. After two years in Germany, his German has improved so much, he finds our typing mistakes. He is from Syria – and he ate his first “Spätzle” [2] with us and he really liked it. And I still study literature, art and media and I wanted to realize an idea from the beginning to the
end. As we all were in the mood for this project, we made a reservation for the domain – although we are all busy enough with our jobs and studies. Therefore, we meet regularly with a delicious occasion.” Continue reading “An interview with Herd♥Habibi”

The stress of our generation

“When I was in grammar school, I still had G8.”, I said. “Woah, I guess that has been quite stressful. Luckily, I still had G9.”, is what I heard from many pupils from other schools. [1] Learning the same subject matter of your whole career in grammar school in eight years instead of nine, that works? Yes, it worked. We had three times a week school until the late afternoon for several years, the topics often were touched on superficially, the student’s receptiveness decreased, especially during summertime in that blazing heat, but yes, it worked. At the beginning, I thought: “Great, so I will be done with school one year earlier and therefore I can start immediately with my studies.” The Swabian [2] tries to economize on everything, even on school years, but it doesn’t work out. Continue reading “The stress of our generation”