The stress of our generation

“When I was in grammar school, I still had G8.”, I said. “Woah, I guess that has been quite stressful. Luckily, I still had G9.”, is what I heard from many pupils from other schools. [1] Learning the same subject matter of your whole career in grammar school in eight years instead of nine, that works? Yes, it worked. We had three times a week school until the late afternoon for several years, the topics often were touched on superficially, the student’s receptiveness decreased, especially during summertime in that blazing heat, but yes, it worked. At the beginning, I thought: “Great, so I will be done with school one year earlier and therefore I can start immediately with my studies.” The Swabian [2] tries to economize on everything, even on school years, but it doesn’t work out. Continue reading “The stress of our generation”