The drunkenness tourism

Spain is, with no doubt, one of the most appreciated tourist destinations for the Europeans. Since the 60’s, more developed European countries citizens (in that time Spain was immersed in a dictatorship that kept it isolated from the rest of the world during the previous 20 years) began to be interested in spending their holidays in this country, attracted by the good weather and low costs. Continue reading “The drunkenness tourism”

El turismo de borrachera

Sin duda España es un destino vacacional muy apreciado por los europeos. A partir de los años 60, ciudadanos de países europeos más desarrollados que España (entonces inmersa en una dictadura que la había mantenido aislada del resto del mundo durante los 20 años anteriores) empezaron a interesarse en veranear en este país atraídos Continue reading “El turismo de borrachera”


A friend is a treasure. It is a saying, maybe banal, but it is surely true. Beyond every possible consideration about this (it would be in any case evanescent and unworthy) and beyond the truth of the saying in the case of the friend I refer to (who is a real treasure chest), what I have found in the end of these days in which I have been hosted by him is a key. Keys: keys are the tool for going in and see over and more, to get over that armour door that is so often closed, inscrutable at first sight, and only known that way by those who pass through in front of it without entering.

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