Il Vietnam oggi – Communiste …moi non plus

Quello che sarà qui pubblicato non è un vero reportage, non è un diario, né un insieme di documenti.

È invece un insieme di esperienze, sensazioni e impressioni che ho avuto modo di formarmi attraverso ciò che ho visto e gli incontri che ho fatto in questo bellissimo Paese del sud-est asiatico. Un Paese in bilico tra un passato che si manifesta nelle bandiere con falce e martello e la figura di Ho Chi Minh onnipresenti e i Burger King, le Nike, i grattacieli e i motorini, le multinazionali che hanno portato i loro stabilimenti produttivi in Vietnam.

Ecco, è forse più simile a un taccuino di viaggio, e come taccuino di viaggio sarà qui pubblicato: un giorno del viaggio alla volta, di Sabato.


1 – Hanoi, la capitale

2 – Halong Bay: riso & souvenir

3 – Ho Lua & Tam Coc – nel profondo Vietnam

4 – Hua & Hoi An: incubo e sogno americano

5 – My Son & Da Nang: il vecchio e il nuovo

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Vietnam Today – Communiste …moi non plus

What will be published here will be not a report, not a diary, not a set of documents.

Instead, it will be a set of experiences, sensations, impressions that I developed through what I saw and the people I met in this beautiful country of South-East Asia. A country that is stuck in between a past that reveals itself in the omnipresence of the sickle-and-hammer flags and Ho Chi Minh’s images, and a future made of Burger Kings, Nike shoes, skyscrapers and motorcycles produced by multinational companies that now have their production plants in Vietnam.

Yes, it is closer to a travel journal, and as travel journal it will be published here:

one day of the trip per time, on Thursdays.



1 – Hanoi, the capital city

2 – Halong Bay: rice & souvenirs

3 – Ho Lua & Tam Coc – the deep Vietnam

4 – Hoi An: American Nightmare & American Dream

5 – My Son & Da Nang: the old & the new

6 – Saigon & Mekong: money doesn’t stink… fish does
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1 – Hanoi, the capital city

The plane flies towards Hanoi, once it was the capital city of North Vietnam now it is the capital of the whole Vietnam.

The vegetation and morphology of this place is visible from the windows of our airplane already and it gives us a prime of the nature of the country we are bound to: a young, green, thick country that is all to be discovered. Continue reading “1 – Hanoi, the capital city”

2 – Halong Bay: rice & souvenirs

..or structure and drywall, harsh reality and opulence.

Green hills and clouds reflect themselves on the water mirrors of the paddies. As far as the eye can see, they stretch on the sides of the street that links Hanoi to the other cities of the North of Vietnam. Fields are dotted light poles that come one after another at regular intervals and cone-shaped hats of bowed farmers intent on reaching rice plants with their leg and hands immersed in the water.


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