When empowerment starts with a Barbie

The other day, while I was walking through the aisles of a store, I ended up in the stationery section and could not help but to notice the new Barbie school diary. It was pink, of course, and the most famous blondie with blue eyes was smiling there on the

apprendre pour un italien: de la pizza à la baguette

Difficulties encountered by an Italian learning French

It is common belief considering Italian and French as “the same” and that an Italian speaker will not have any problem learning French and vice versa. Nothing could be further from the truth! Of course, we Italians have an edge compared to a Chinese or Arabic speaker, since both are

Madame Europe: Europe seen through her sons’ eyes

My name is Martina and I am one of Europe’s daughters. My mother was born not so many years ago, even though her name – linked to Greek mythology – is way older. She arrived in this world silently, tiptoeing, walking as a cat does, The importance of her is

Eurovision: the extravagant killer of conformism

  When the news of the cancelation of Eurovision was made public, it broke quite a few hearts of all music fans all over the world but mostly in Europe. The global pandemic of COVID-19 ended all the festivities of this year, 2020, even before they started, no European football

The digital trend, live events industry and covid-19

Digitalisation has been embedded in the realization of events for years now, but covid-19 has speeded up and expanded such trend. What is the kind of evolution expected?                         Locked down in our houses for about two months, we have all experienced the power of the online as –

Women in France are speaking up about sexual abuses

An incredible phenomenon of liberation of speech had started to emerge in France at the end of 2019, before increasing in power and reaching its peak during the ceremony of the Cesars, France’s Oscars, on the 28th of February 2020. It was incredible, everyone was talking about it – for

Will we emerge stronger from the Covid-19 crisis?

While China is just getting back on its feet from what was and still is one of the biggest sanitary crisis and epidemic of its history, the virus prettily-named Covid-19 has now found a new outbreak in Europe. We did not think that this situation could be possible in our

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